Saturday, March 17, 2007


Dennis posta nettop en liste over band han har sett og han så Iggy and The Stooges fire ganger under Raw Power fasen, holy envy, pluss me så akkurat Velvet Goldmine med Ewan McGregor som Iggy Pop bare med et aent navn og eg blei mint på kor dypt, intenst og inderlig eg elske Iggy Pop!!!!! Så her e min Iggy Pop tribute post.


Cocaine Jesus said...

my eldest daughter thumbscrew, now 23/24, and i sat down to watch iggy when he was on tv back in the 90's, so i guess she would have been about 10/11. he came on with a pair of plastic, see through pants on with NO underwear and sung a sung with lyrics that went 'does your pussy talk'. needless to say he wasn't singing about cats!

maria mcgregor said...

oh sweet jesus. now there's a childhood memory! me and some friends were talking about him yesterday and decided that he is the epitomy of ugly-sexy. but then again that's my favourite kind of sexy.