Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mailen min fra David Shrigley!!!

Hello Ellen,
I am very glad that you want to use 'Stop The Lapdance' as a name for your band. You hereby have my permission (not that you need it). Glad you like 'Kill Your Pets'. Not everyone does as you will see from this angry e-mail I recently received.

Message to DS from Lawrie Pattison

I read one of your books in the Tate Modern museum in London "kill your pets" and thought it was an absolute waste of time and paper.
I don't see what any of the irrelevant scribbles have to do with anything, they are all pointless sentences with overuse of the word c**t for shock value.
It looks as though it was written by a 5 year old, and if it is supposed to be some sort of conceptional word art, then quite frankly... It's bollocks. I can't begin to Imagine what sort of person would pick up your book, skim through it, (I say skim, although you could read the whole thing in 2 minutes) and think. "Y'know what, that looks like a bloody good read", buy it, and take it home. It was a waste of my time even picking it up and a waste of the companies time to publish such shit.
The fact that you're making money off of this just shows how stupid people have become to consider that art, and to think that to do something like that requires talent and intelligence.
To create something like that you simply have to teach a toddler some naughty words and give them a pen and a blank book. This book might be funny to idiots or stoners, and I'm neither of those things. So to sum up, in my overall opinion. Your book "kill your pets" sucks.

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maria mcgregor said...

hahaha åh den e så fin! eg ska scanne d.shrig postkortet mitt og poste det!