Sunday, July 15, 2007

Obsession-sanger Del 2.

Manic Street Preachers - Groundhog Days

Denne sangen e en b-side fra albumet Know Your Enemy fra 2001.

Waking up again
To the same old things
To the same old songs
To the same old pain

Cocooned in this world
Where every single thing hurts
Bones broken up inside
Look at the boredom in my eyes

We talk the same
We are the same
We just can't walk anymore

We love these days
These Groundhog Days
We just don't feel like before

I felt the sunset overland
And it made me fight again
But tomorrow came too quick
And I went back to bed again

Is this what you do with eternity?
I killed myself so many times I don't even exist any more
So I surrender to impulse but still so numb
So make some time
So make some time
Wake up feeling like a Messiah
Totally fucked five minutes later
My body a temple falling to pieces
Chocolate or Coke, my needs are artificial
Unintentional, forsaken for what?
All in search of our personal gods

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