Thursday, August 23, 2007

i have the hots for boots

Dave Gahan on Popstar Feets!

dior homme a/w 07/08

Dirk Bogarde in boots!

Carlos Ashley Raphael Bârat of libs-and-dpt-fame:

bathtub-boots, underestimated.

being hot in a j.lindeberg ad, in boots!

being hot on a sofa in boots

early libertines all in boots, except pre-gary drummer Mr. Razzcocks.

karl lagerfeld a/w 07/08 boots

Martin Tomlinson of Selfish Cunt taking his clothes off in boots


hanni k. said...

the boots from the karl lagerfeld are the ones ive been looking for everywhere! i want!

maria mcgregor said...

i think i saw some lookie-likeys on, though i'll warn you, it's about 200 pages to go through, still! there were some amazing boots amazingly cheap! might be worth a look. also, british high-street shops are good at doing replicas, could be worth a look!

hanni k. said...

dinsko has some replicas, but they kinda look weird because they have a small heel. and i want a heel-less shoe, like these.