Sunday, September 16, 2007

hey look it's my second favourite living author


i was looking for something in my copy of Hot and Cold(a collection of fiction essays poems etc.) and started reading some stuff again so here are some of my favourite poems by richard:


bad jokes
I broke down a wall to find
another wall! further and further
until I came to my heart!
and it was dead Oh no
and bristling with knife points
of the people who'd tried
to cut their way out when it died.

I held my heart.
What do I do???
I asked of
all the old ladies I knew.
Then I realized I had to eat it
to get it back inside.
How do I prepare it,
I despaired,
fried with butter???

I started picking out the knives
and there was Bernadette
and she was alive.
She said, Now that you've found me
you don't need it anyway.
Beautiful Bernadette
I thought she must be right. So I
threw it away. But
you lied.


LORD have you felt the
WRATH of my laziness?


Ah, mortal, there's a terrible smell in your refrigerator.
It's so sad.
Your chin, your nose, they're all wrong.
You don't really understand anything.
You just sit there
tapping at the typewriter
pretending it's all a big joke.
It's ok.
I completely forgive you.

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