Saturday, October 06, 2007

James Spader kveld!

aka mr.fetish-film guy:

eg vil og legge te en shite-arse-damn!! over at eg glemte Crash (1996, ikkje den andre, av david cronenberg) i min tydeligvis veldig flawed film liste!


wolf said...

CRASH !!!!!!!!!!!!

my favourite movie.

yeah, james spader is quite something. that scene with vaughan in the car is so incredibly beautiful.
ALL the sex scenes are incredibly beautiful.
such a misunderstood movie.

maria mcgregor said...

YES!!! i love all his scenes with vaughan. and the one with the girl with the leg brace. have you read the book? this is my favourite book!

wolf said...

of course i read the book!! ballard is one of my 5-or-something fav authors and cronenberg's co-best with lynch. so CRASH couldnt possibly be sucky could it?

next thing we need is "cronny" or lynch directing a DC adaptation...

maria mcgregor said...

he's in my top five too! top four actually. oh yes, did you catch that dennis was actually doing a filmproject that lynch was going to direct, but him and his cowriter couldnt make it work so it didnt happen? any lynch(cronenberg)/dennis thing would have been so great. if anyone could turn a dennis book into a film it would be lynch!