Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Asthmabunny´s Amazing Twin Peaks Guide

Although bitchesinheat is primarily a Norwegian site, I will write this guide in english so I can spread the love.

Some of these photos are taken on private property. If you want any of the photo´s removed from this site, please email me and I will remove them :)

Twin Peaks was mostly filmed in North Bend and Snoqualmie in Washington state (approx 30 miles east of Seattle, easy to access from I90). We started out at Snoqualmie Falls because it was easy to find. Here are some of our photos from the falls and "the Great Northern" (which is actually salish lodge, an expensive spa/restaurant type place)

Then we went looking for the RR-diner, which we had heard was actually the Mar-T diner. We found what is now called Twedes diner. It is definately worth a visit due to their impressive Twin Peaks memorabilia wall with newspaper cut-outs, autographed photos and what not. They also serve Cherry Pie, and a burger named "Twin Peaks". We bought a hand-drawn TP map of North Bend for 2dollars, and even though it was hard to read it helped us find some of the important TP sites.
The offputting part of the diner was that it was now "decorated" with a billion Tweety soft-toys and pictures.

Then we visited these TP sites:
Mount Si High School aka Twin Peaks high school:

We weren´t sure which of the bridges Ronette Pulanski crossed, but it´s definately one of these:

North bend has a railway museum so its full of old traincars, which seems to fit quite well:

We also took pictures with this big log:

Then we trespassed the private property of the Wehenhauser mill, because we really wanted a photo of the Sheriff Station,(which is actually the mills office) It was quite scary on the grounds because the mill was really old and run down, the whole area was desolate, except for a new car which was parked by the office building (for some reason it freaked us out) we were also constantly scared that our car would be towed away. Nevertheless we decided to walk towards the office building. We didn´t get far before we heard the sound of a towing truck so we started running back to our car. Before we reached it a man in a security-truck pulled up to us and told us to get going because we were trespassing on private property. Humiliated and scared we ran back to our car, and to our releif it had not been towed.

After that experience we decided to get going. It was getting late and we had seen what we wanted to see :)

Håpe du likte bildene Kier!!


mcgregor said...

eg elske bildene!!! så kult at det va sånn typisk twin peaks vær når dokker va der (men det e vel sånn alltid der oppe).

eg kan kje tro de der tweetygreiene! haha, freaky. fine bilder av deg og atle på twede's, eg kjempemisunnelig. men det e gøy du e hjemme så me kan snakkes, selv om me ikkje ses.

asthmabunny said...

Så bra du likte de!!

Idag morges satt meg og Atle og fantaserte om ka me sko hatt på oss på coming out festen din :( kjempetrist at me ikkje kan vær der.... :( :( buhuhu. ta masse inkriminerende bilder!