Thursday, May 20, 2010

homage and addendum

to my friend (and gender studies uh, student) Linda's post on trans issues, etc. if you don't know norwegian, here's an english version through google translation. the translation is decent, but some of the writing is in dialect, so it might be a little wonky. two notes: what's translated as "trance" or "treats" are actually from a slur some people call transpeople in norway. second note: the piece is initially about a right-wing politicians child who has come out as a transwoman. the translation has turned some of Linda's gender neutral terms into male pronouns,etc. that's a mistranslation. okay, go forth!

ps. the translation is particularly bad in my comments, though in a semi-readable and completely hilarious way. an example: ". As mentioned further down, white guilt s understandable, but it's a total dead end for us all, and a typical symptom of being privileged people: to turn all the tea to be about himself. Thus, my God, knock it off. how's about them apples? at this rate, i could be an experimental writer/poet. there's a liberal amount of "tea" in the googled version, and if that doesn't seal the deal, i don't know what our relationship has come to. i feel like i don't know you at all anymore.

pps. the word "anywhore" is, however, not a mistranslation.

lucas silveira openly trans singer band the cliks.jpg

loren cameron ftm.jpg


dr alan hart ftm 1890-1962.jpg

angie zapata 18yrold transgendered woman beaten to death with fire extinguisher.jpg

dani mtf.jpg


feel free to add any names or photos to this short list, or even better, make a blog post yourselves! and give us the link. that'd be very cool.


vio said...

Who is The beautiful guy, David in last picture? I have to know!!

Anonymous said...

Spíš krásná ženská...:)